KICKSTARTER: Vaults of K’Horror and Vampire’s Vault

Flying Buffalo are currently running a Kickstarter campaign for the Vaults of K’Horror – a gamemaster adventure for Deluxe Tunnels & Trolls complete with maps, characters and background material. Of interest to solo gamers is the inclusion of a brand new 19-page solo adventure for Wizards, Vampire’s Vault, written by T&T creator Ken St Andre to directly connect with the Vaults of K’Horror GM adventure. This brand new solo will be added at no extra charge to all backers once a required funding target of US$9,900 is reached. Additionally, this stretch goal bonus will also include a 13-page version of the T&T Mini-rules that has been specially customised for the Vaults of K’Horror with new art and weapons. These two desirable additions will result in a finished book that’s at least 72 pages long.

West of Khazan, along the southern coast, lie the blighted lands of the Skeleton Men. They had their own empire, ruled by sorcerer kings who fell into dark practices that turned them into vampire lords. That empire fell when the great wizards of Trollworld banded together to stop the vampiric plague spreading out from the city of K’horror.

But the vampire lords were not completely destroyed. They retreated underground to hidden tombs and vaults, leaving their surviving subjects to exist as best they could in the ruins above. Now the undead threat is rising again… 

Long-time UK Tunnels & Trolls creator Andy Holmes has written the Vaults of K’Horror GM adventure, with art provided by Simon Tranter and Steven Crompton. Ken St Andre has then edited it and assured all the dT&T stats and numbers of this gothic horror journey with a fantasy twist. Are you up to the challenge of robbing vampires in their own lairs?

The Kickstarter campaign ends on 7 July, so add your pledge now to ensure that Vampire’s Vault is added to the Vaults of K’Horror, and help bring to life another chapter in Tunnels & Trolls history!

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