Path of Discovery: Europa

Path of Discovery: Europa is an atmospheric, choice-based, sci-fi game from Serbian game development studio Eipix Entertainment. This CYOA-style game is tailored with Alexa Echo Show in mind – Amazon’s voice-controlled smart device with a 7″ touchscreen. What this means is that the player can navigate through the story in classic skill manner using verbal commands, however, the added presence of a physical screen also allows for rich accompanying visuals to set the game’s gripping tone, supported by an intergalactic soundscape.

You play the role of Sgt Claire Marshall, Chief Scientist of the space station ISS Pendragon orbiting Jupiter’s moon Europa. An unexpected twist of misfortune leaves you stranded on the empty space station, tasked with the rescue of your missing crew members. Path of Discovery: Europa features an immersive story, where dread, suspense and artificial gravity set the atmosphere for a thrilling space adventure.

When two members of the crew are returning from a mission to collect samples from the surface of Europa’s moon, you notice something strange as the vessel docks. At first, it seems that there are only minor troubles with communications between the station and the shuttle, but when you hear your colleague Hudson uttering the words “Help us, Claire…” before the signal goes dead, things start looking grim.

With Hudson and Stewart trapped inside the shuttle, and Collins working outside the station, it’s up to you to solve the mystery and save your colleagues from whatever peril they are in.

The game structure consists of a series of events presented through spoken narrative, with decisions for the player to make in order for the story to progress. These decisions are crucial to the outcome of the story as every choice made could take the game in a different direction, and not all of them lead to a happy ending.

  • A thrilling sci-fi story about survival and heroism
  • Fully voice-acted game
  • Your decisions shape the story as you play
  • Play each path till its end to get a complete picture of what happened
  • Each action is followed by images, depending on the device

Path of Discovery: Europa can be played on any of the various types of smart speakers featuring Alexa: Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, Tap and Echo Show. Because it has a display, Echo Show can also display an accompanying image to the current voice-over and text, presenting the player with easily accessible options for voice commands, and providing a clear visual and audio presentation. For players without a dedicated Alexa device, Alexa is available on 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th generation Fire tablets, and the game can also be played via the Amazon App on iOS devices.

You can learn more about Eipix Entertainment and Path of Discovery: Europa at their website.

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