SlowQuest – Quest II: Meet the Wizard

SlowQuest creator Bodie Hartley has now released his second illustrated ‘pick your path’ adventure, Quest II: Meet the Wizard. This handmade mini zine is roughly 9cm x 9cm in size, and is full of awesome illustrations and exciting fantasy adventures. Quest II sees you setting off to find a wizard who has promised you a job! Sounds exciting – and possibly dangerous. What choices will you make?

Other new products are also available from the SlowQuest store, including:

  • Some Wizards, Volume 1 ~ artwork and bios of 16 different wizards. Inspiration for D&D characters, or just have fun reading about some whacky wizards!
  • SlowQuest Character Cards ~ trading cards in a randomised pack of 8, always including one name card, one class card, one background card, one trait card and four item cards.
  • Mushrump ~ a short little zine detailing the day-to-day life of the Mushrump – a little half mole half fungus creature.
  • Enamel pins ~ two designs available: a classic wizard, wearing the standard blue hat and sporting a white beard, or a mysterious dungeon doorway.
  • Wizard Tower Risograph print ~ an A5 print of a wizard’s stone tower, including a cutaway front wall showing the inside goings on of wizard life.

You can also purchase the original Quest I: The Goblin Guard and Inventories of Adventurers – see our earlier post here for more information about these two items.

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