Code 7: A Text-Based Hacking Adventure

This intriguing text adventure from Goodwolf Studio is currently funding on Kickstarter – a thrilling sci-fi story that should have significant appeal to all gamebook and interactive fiction fans. The campaign target has already been reached (ends very soon on Friday, October 28) and there is a range of rewards to select from, including digital and physical copies of the game, a prequel-story eBook and opportunities to create game content.

What would you do if you found yourself trapped on an eerie space station with nothing but a computer? You play as the hacker Alex and help your partner, Sam, to uncover the horrible truth of the facility. It doesn’t take long until you have to ask yourself who Alex really is, and if your reality is really what it seems to be.

Humanity longs for the stars and is about to leave Earth behind to settle in new galaxies. Previously, a small team of professionals sets out to establish the first interstellar colony but the station has abruptly and mysteriously gone silent.

Two agents, Sam and Alex, are sent to find out what happened and find themselves face to face with an A.I. that threatens the whole of humanity. Now it is up to them to stop it, find out the true motives of the A.I. and what Code 7 exactly is.

And when a third force enters the ring, it becomes even harder to distinguish who is a friend, who is a foe, what is reality, and what is the truth.



Code 7 is a next-generation text adventure that combines a fully-voiced narrative with immersive hacking-gameplay. Gather information, and navigate and hack your way through puzzles in an epic, five-chapter adventure.

Episode 0: Allocation – a free prologue to the full game – can be downloaded from the Kickstarter page to trial the adventure and experience the text-based gameplay for yourself. Code 7 is available for PC, Mac and Linux. Episode 1 is currently scheduled for release in April 2017. Further information is available at the developer’s website.

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