A digital fantasy gamebook to be published in English and Spanish, Retro Quest is a 100-page solo graphic novel written by Javier Lavilla, and illustrated by Andrea Lidia Radu. Created in a nostalgic style reminiscent of 1980s gamebooks, Retro Quest will feature many handmade illustrations using traditional black ink and textured paper, reminding all of …

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Frostgrave – FREE solo tabletop adventures

Joe McCullough and Osprey Games have made their First Edition rules for Frostgrave available for FREE, including a couple of expansions featuring several scenarios created for solo gaming. Frostgrave is a tabletop miniatures wargame in which you play as powerful wizards leading small warbands into the frozen ruins of the city of Felstad, in search …

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Tower Behind the Moon

Tower Behind the Moon is a 400,000-word epic fantasy novel by Kyle Marquis, author of Empyrean and Silverworld. An elaborate interactive fantasy featuring wizards and monsters, gods and angels, Tower Behind the Moon incorporates a fresh perspective within a well-established setting, incorporating your own apprentice and mentor in the storyline – both reflections of your …

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Dungeons & Dragons: Endless Quest Series

The four new Dungeons & Dragons: Endless Quest gamebooks – Escape the Underdark, To Catch a Thief, Big Trouble and Into the Jungle – have recently been released by Penguin Random House and Candlewick Entertainment. Play as a fighter, rogue, wizard and cleric in Matt Forbeck’s CYOA-style gamebooks, exploring the Forgotten Realms – the enduring …

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SlowQuest – Quest II: Meet the Wizard

SlowQuest creator Bodie Hartley has now released his second illustrated ‘pick your path’ adventure, Quest II: Meet the Wizard. This handmade mini zine is roughly 9cm x 9cm in size, and is full of awesome illustrations and exciting fantasy adventures. Quest II sees you setting off to find a wizard who has promised you a …

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The Wicked Wizard of Oz

Jonathan Green’s latest project, The Wicked Wizard of Oz, is now live on Kickstarter for funding. This nightmarish ‘dieselpunk’ gamebook will consist of 500 sections, and is available in ebook and paperback, and also as a special limited edition collector’s hardback with bonus content. An adventure stylistically similar to Green’s recent Alice’s Nightmare in Wonderland, …

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