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December ROUND-UP: wolves, wizards and best wishes

This December update is the final Round-up article we’ll be posting on GBN. Due to recent alterations to our category structure and further upcoming improvements to the site, we’ll now make a switch to separately listing all news items as either a normal post set in our standard formatting, or as a brief ‘NewsByte’ for …

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October ROUND-UP: Geats, famous historical figures and a Syrian refugee

This month we bring you news of interactive adventures set in different times and places: 6th-century Scandinavia, fantasy lands featuring marshlands and winter storms, Zanzibar in the late 19th century, an Australian small town, and war-ravaged Syria. • • •Beowulf Beastslayer Jonathan Green’s 4th title in his ACE Gamebooks series, Beowulf Beastslayer, has now been …

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September ROUND-UP: Dungeons, labyrinths and catacombs

It’s been yet another busy month for interactive fiction, with many interesting releases recently hitting retail outlets or seeking finance via crowdfunding. We’ve gathered together a wide variety of books, digital games, board games and more to tempt you – surely something for both young and old, and every taste and wallet! • • •Savage …

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Tony Hough is a modern master of gamebook illustration, showcasing plentiful creative talent to effortlessly tackle a diverse range of genres. His imaginative creatures and characters are fascinating and often frightening, supported by an eye for the unusual, and a technique that offers rich reward for those who like to soak up numerous small details. …

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MINI REVIEW: Asuria Awakens

Stuart Lloyd’s Asuria Awakens, the 12th and final title in Tin Man Games’ long-running Gamebook Adventures series of apps, is a captivating mystery-adventure full of ever-changing objectives and diverse locations, featuring many exciting moments of suspense, action, surprise and genuinely disturbing horror. Taken to the palace of Grand Duke Fernando Orlande V, and tasked with …

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Stuart Lloyd’s latest game system has now been generally released via RPGNow. Titled SCRAWL (Solo CRAWL), this new system has been built from the foundations of his earlier Wayfarer system, however, within SCRAWL there’s no detailed world-building or specific game logic, just old-school dungeon crawling where monsters and treasures wait for the arrival of skilled, …

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