Frostgrave – FREE solo tabletop adventures

Joe McCullough and Osprey Games have made their First Edition rules for Frostgrave available for FREE, including a couple of expansions featuring several scenarios created for solo gaming. Frostgrave is a tabletop miniatures wargame in which you play as powerful wizards leading small warbands into the frozen ruins of the city of Felstad, in search …

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KICKSTARTER: The Isofarian Guard

The Isofarian Guard from Sky Kingdom Games is a Solo/Co-op board game for 1-2 players. This narrative-driven adventure takes place in the snowfields of Isofar, in Telios; the same high fantasy world featured in The Stonebound Saga, the strategic card-based skirmish game also created by Sky Kingdom Games. In The Isofarian Guard you’ll explore the …

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