Ryan Lovelock

Joe Dever’s Freeway Warrior: The Omega Zone

The third part of Joe Dever’s post-apocalyptic Freeway Warrior series has now been released by Swedish publisher Åskfågeln. As with the two previous books, this updated new edition of The Omega Zone is another beautifully produced hardcover, featuring a wrap-around dust jacket with a full-colour region map printed on the inside, handy book ribbons, and …

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MINI REVIEW: Highway Holocaust

Before Joe Dever’s untimely passing in late 2016 he completed revised editions of his post-apocalyptic series Freeway Warrior for Swedish publisher Åskfågeln, updating the original timeline to the year 2033 (rather than 2020 as in the 1988 edition) and changing some aspects of Cal Phoenix’s story to better match the expectations of a modern audience. …

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