Core Runner

Core Runner is a single player non-linear cyberpunk adventure that takes place in a post-apocalyptic city’s industrial zone. Its exploratory gameplay consists of variable interactive fiction implementing unique dice mechanics that provide high replayability. The player acts as a core runner; a hired agent gathering power cores from derelict electronics for profit. The player’s excursion …

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Tables of Doom: 5E Solo Adventuring

5e Solo Gamebooks have released a new type of solo adventuring, and unlike their previous gamebooks (The Death Knight’s Squire and Tyrant of Zhentil Keep), Tables of Doom uses a free-form game system that relies on dice rolls and tables (hence the name) to randomly generate monsters, traps, clues, encounters, secret doors and loot. Final …

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Stuart Lloyd’s latest game system has now been generally released via RPGNow. Titled SCRAWL (Solo CRAWL), this new system has been built from the foundations of his earlier Wayfarer system, however, within SCRAWL there’s no detailed world-building or specific game logic, just old-school dungeon crawling where monsters and treasures wait for the arrival of skilled, …

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Random Solo Adventure: Post Apocalypse

The long-awaited new gamebook from J. Pingo Lindstrom has now been released! This post-apocalyptic adventure is the largest book in the Random Solo Adventure series so far, featuring 224 pages of tense adventuring in The Wasteland. Decades ago the world was crushed in a disaster few of the living remember. You know that the key …

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FREE Random Solo Adventures at DriveThruRPG

PenguinComics.com has released “The Cave & the Treasure” and “Ghost Manor” for FREE downloads – at DriveThruRPG. The Cave & the Treasure is a tiny (28-paged) Random Solo Adventure with a bit more limited rules. It’s fast and fun – and FREE! This is a fantasy genre adventure that you can play on your computer. …

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