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Three games from Choice of Games & Hosted Games

Three new digital gamebooks from Choice of Games and Hosted Games have landed. As always, all three games are entirely text-based — without graphics or sound effects. Werewolves 2: Pack Mentality is a 360,000 word interactive novel in Jeffrey Dean’s acclaimed “Claw, Shadow, and Sage” series, where your choices control the story. It’s a war …

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Tony Hough is a modern master of gamebook illustration, showcasing plentiful creative talent to effortlessly tackle a diverse range of genres. His imaginative creatures and characters are fascinating and often frightening, supported by an eye for the unusual, and a technique that offers rich reward for those who like to soak up numerous small details. …

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Werewolves: Haven Rising

Werewolves: Haven Rising is an alternate timeline, 280,000-word interactive adventure by Jeffrey Dean, acclaimed author of the Road Less Traveled series of post-apocalyptic gamebooks. Taking place in New Haven, Connecticut, where thousands of innocent humans were killed after an outbreak of violence between two werewolf packs, the surviving werewolves are now imprisoned in the ruins …

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REVIEW: The Lords of Benaeron

Jeffrey Dean’s impressively elaborate and skilful world-building has already been on display throughout the preceding volumes of his ‘Road Less Traveled’ series: both Westward Dystopia and Spire Ablaze have delivered detailed story-driven adventures overflowing with an assortment of interesting and complex characters, memorable environments and unique situations. Book 3: The Lords of Benaeron continues his …

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The Lords of Benaeron now available

Jeffrey Dean has now released the third book in his fascinating ‘Road Less Traveled’ series of post-apocalyptic gamebooks – The Lords of Benaeron. Lead a rebellion to victory in The Lords of Benaeron, a hybrid gamebook that combines a traditional branching-path narrative with a sweeping cityscape rife with opportunities for open-world exploration! Tackle stealth missions, …

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Coming soon: The Lords of Benaeron

Readers of Jeffrey Dean’s impressive Road Less Traveled series of post-apocalyptic gamebooks will soon be treated with a new and excitingly different adventure in his upcoming third book, The Lords of Benaeron. Currently at over 175,000 words, this third book features an open world structure (inspired by the Fabled Lands series) and utilises a central …

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