Mask of the Plague Doctor

Choice of Games’ latest interactive adventure, Mask of the Plague Doctor, is a 410,000-word medieval fantasy tale of swords and surgery written by Peter Parrish. A strange and terrifying sickness is inflicting misery on the residents of Thornback Hollow, preventing those infected from sleeping. With the town situated on an important trade route, the Crown …

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Alcyone: The Last City

Alcyone: The Last City (pronounced Al-Sigh-O-Knee!) is a sci-fi interactive fiction game set in the last City in the universe. Created by Joshua Meadows (a video game journalist/writer, and author of the episodic sci-fi/fantasy series Iyetra), Alcyone: The Last City is a text-based adventure where choice, influence, knowledge, moral ambiguity and consequences will ultimately determine your fate. …

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