A digital fantasy gamebook to be published in English and Spanish, Retro Quest is a 100-page solo graphic novel written by Javier Lavilla, and illustrated by Andrea Lidia Radu. Created in a nostalgic style reminiscent of 1980s gamebooks, Retro Quest will feature many handmade illustrations using traditional black ink and textured paper, reminding all of …

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The Rooms is something ‘other’ – a mysterious and uniquely interactive horror novelette in which you explore the strange events that occurred during the night in the apartment directly above your own: a terrific mechanical grinding, sobbing, and then a dull thud. The old man who lives in the apartment, known to you as ‘Babe’, …

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SlowQuest – Quest II: Meet the Wizard

SlowQuest creator Bodie Hartley has now released his second illustrated ‘pick your path’ adventure, Quest II: Meet the Wizard. This handmade mini zine is roughly 9cm x 9cm in size, and is full of awesome illustrations and exciting fantasy adventures. Quest II sees you setting off to find a wizard who has promised you a …

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