In the Service of Mrs. Claus

In the Service of Mrs. Claus is a 167,000-word interactive fantasy thriller by Brian Rushton – the first holiday-themed game from Choice of Games. You play as a non-human protagonist not tied down to any one body because you possess the amazing ability to transform yourself at will! In the Service of Mrs. Claus is …

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CHORUS: An Adventure Musical

Summerfall Studios’ CHORUS is a choice-based adventure musical, one part narrative-driven adventure and one part interactive musical. Written by former BioWare lead writer David Gaider, scored by award-winning composer Austin Wintory, voice directed by acclaimed actor and director Troy Baker, and starring the extremely talented Laura Bailey, CHORUS is an urban fantasy tale with a …

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REVIEW: The Spy and the Labyrinth

Gods and monsters feature in myriads of ancient legends, beliefs and cultural superstitions. Powerful beings that challenge mankind’s place on earth, their appearance asks questions of our origin and purpose, and suggests that our early ancestors were once subjected to stupendous supernatural forces and creatures of unimaginable magnitude. In Lewis Manalo’s The Spy and the …

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