KICKSTARTER: Destiny’s Role 3: Venom of Vortan

Mark Lain’s Venom of Vortan, the third title in the Destiny’s Role gamebook series, has just launched on Kickstarter. It features cover art by Mike Tenebrae (Fantasy Flight, Avalon Games) and illustrations by Gary Ward (Fighting Fantasy). Venom of Vortan’s Kickstarter campaign offers a special edition hardback print, not available in stores. The book will …

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Shadow Thief Book One: Jailbreak

A 150-section mini adventure set in the world of his upcoming Hellscape Gamebook series, David Lowrie’s Jailbreak is the first atmospheric release in the Shadow Thief series, which has been inspired by the Fighting Fantasy gamebooks (especially Midnight Rogue written by Graeme Davis). Your name is Shadow, and you are a thief. An exceptional thief. …

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Tunnels & Trolls: Dark Temple

The long-unavailable solitaire Tunnels & Trolls adventure written by Stefan E. Jones and published by Flying Buffalo, Dark Temple, is available again! This massive 413-paragraph quest pits the player against the sinister Cult of Krestok. Sub-quests, random encounters and multiple victory conditions give Dark Temple great replay value, and the adventure has now been corrected …

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The Defenders of Dusk

Dane Barrett’s latest gamebook, The Defenders of Dusk, is a ‘Fighting Fantasy-esque’ interactive adventure featuring dice rolling and a combat system, and matching the old tradition of 400 sections, with only a single successful path and ending (though there are a variety of different solutions to most situations, and several ‘sudden deaths’ have been thrown …

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KICKSTARTER: Destiny’s Role 1: Mistress of Sorrows

Mark Lain’s second title in his Destiny’s Role series of gamebooks influenced by Fighting Fantasy, Lone Wolf and Golden Dragon, Mistress of Sorrows, is now seeking funding via Kickstarter. Featuring a cover painted by Alan Langford, and internal illustrations by Mike Tenebrae, Mistress of Sorrows puts YOU in the role of an adventurer who chances upon …

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Click Your Poison: Pathogens

James Schannep has recently completed writing his fourth Click Your Poison book – Pathogens – and has now released the vibrant cover artwork by artist Brian Silveira: Unlike other books in the series, this is the first one where you don’t ‘play’ as yourself. Instead, you can choose a character and see how that person …

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