Eliezer Mayor

KICKSTARTER: Choose Cthulhu II

The second series of Choose Cthulhu, the illustrated ‘choose your own insanity’ gamebooks that adapt classic H.P. Lovecraft stories into interactive adventures, is now waiting to drag YOUR soul into the madness once again. Now seeking funding via Kickstarter, this second series offers another seven volumes in two printed versions and languages. The seven new …

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Choose Cthulhu: cosmic horror gamebooks

Here’s your chance to become the protagonist in H. P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos as you face alien deities, horrible monsters and shameful cults in Choose Cthulhu: The Choose Your Own Insanity Gamebooks. Six of Lovecraft’s best stories have been adapted into interactive fiction, with each book consisting of 100 playable sections and 11 full-page illustrations: …

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