JULY ROUND-UP: Magicians, Mages and a Messiah

This month we have news about forthcoming print gamebooks; interactive games playable on PC, Mac and in your web browser; an audio adventure for Alexa; and a solo storytelling game. • • •Draw Nine Draw Nine is a short narrative Twine game created by Damon L. Wakes, in which you play the role of a …

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Tower Behind the Moon

Tower Behind the Moon is a 400,000-word epic fantasy novel by Kyle Marquis, author of Empyrean and Silverworld. An elaborate interactive fantasy featuring wizards and monsters, gods and angels, Tower Behind the Moon incorporates a fresh perspective within a well-established setting, incorporating your own apprentice and mentor in the storyline – both reflections of your …

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KICKSTARTER: Rider of the Black Sun

Featuring more than 1,350 sections and with a completely unique approach to section reference and replayability, Rider of the Black Sun is one of the most extensive gamebooks ever published. Originally released as a German language edition (Reiter der schwarzen Sonne) during 2012, publisher Mantikore Verlag decided to print a small amount of promotional copies …

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