Bodie Hartley

SlowQuest – Quest II: Meet the Wizard

SlowQuest creator Bodie Hartley has now released his second illustrated ‘pick your path’ adventure, Quest II: Meet the Wizard. This handmade mini zine is roughly 9cm x 9cm in size, and is full of awesome illustrations and exciting fantasy adventures. Quest II sees you setting off to find a wizard who has promised you a …

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SlowQuest: The Goblin Guard

West Australian illustrator and zine creator Bodie Hartley produces the ‘pick your path’ adventure gamebook series SlowQuest – a hand-drawn and handmade mini zine full of awesome illustrations reminiscent of early Dungeons & Dragons rulebook artwork. His felt-tipped pen drawings are inspired by his keen interest in playing Dungeons & Dragons, and this love for …

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