Kickstarter: You are the Hero – 40th Anniversary Ed.

YOU ARE THE HERO – An Interactive History of Fighting Fantasy Gamebooks is available to backers of this Kickstarter in four different formats, eBook, paperback, standard papercase hardback, and deluxe collector’s edition hardback. It will be printed in full colour.

The standard hardback edition will look like the previous hardbacks in the series. However, the deluxe hardback will be bound in faux red leather, in honor of the series’ Ruby Anniversary, with the title and FF logo embossed in gold leaf, and will also include ribbon bookmarks.

This is a revised and updated edition to mark the 40th anniversary of the world’s premier gamebook series – and this time it’s going to be interactive. The book is written by Jonathan Green.

The first two YOU ARE THE HERO books covered everything from how Steve Jackson and Sir Ian Livingstone met at school, the founding of Games Workshop in 1975, the publication of the first Fighting Fantasy gamebook, The Warlock of Firetop Mountain in 1982, and how the FF books grew to become a global brand, right through to the re-imagining of the original adventures as iPhone apps and the 35th anniversary celebrations in 2017 that culminated with the publication of Sir Ian Livingstone’s The Port of Peril by Scholastic UK.

Steve Jackson and Sir Ian Livingstone at Fighting Fantasy Fest 4, Saturday 3 September 2022.

The new 40th anniversary edition will combine material from the first two out-of-print volumes with chapters covering the years 2017-2022, completing the 40 year history of Fighting Fantasy Gamebooks.

On top of that, it will be structured in a similar way to a gamebook; as well as reading it through from cover to cover, you will be able to jump between chapters and paragraphs depending on the options offered in the text. And to make it fully interactive, the PDF copy of the book will be hyperlinked.

Check out the Kickstarter to find out more, and perhaps get your own copy!

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