Kickstarter: ALBA – open world post-apocalypse sci-fi

Would you be interested in a piece of interactive fiction that claims to be “the biggest gamebook ever written”? If so, you’ll be glad to hear that ALBA – a post-apocalypse science fiction gamebook – is currently on track to fund on Kickstarter.

ALBA seems to tie into several different sci-fi genres, promising an open-world theme and a huge amount of content replete with 36 chapters, 19 unique endings, stunning artwork by Marco Luna, as well as maps, stickers, and character sheets.

Three different main books are on offer: digital, softcover and hardcover – but all of them also have the option of extra add-ons and material.

If you’re a gamebook reader and sci-fi fan, there’s still time to support the ALBA Kickstarter, which ends on February 4. Take a look to see if it might be just the thing for getting your post-apocalyptic sci-fi fix!

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  1. I’m playing Alba right now and it’s great. Dense and full of interesting encounters. I’m not a big stats/skill strategist and more of an IF reader, so it hits the sweet spot for me.

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