Kickstarter: Metal Heroes and the Fate of Rock: A Rock/Comedy Gamebook

Metal Heroes and the Fate of Rock is a new gamebook filled with all the pitfalls, clichés and famous figures that the rock scene has to offer. Combined with a goodly portion of humor and tough talk, this is an adventure with a difference that invites you to master its challenges.

You are Taylor, a full-blooded rocker and a full-time idiot. You’re leading a miserable existence in a grimy metropolis when, unexpectedly, the God of Rock – who has grown weary of his office – chooses you to be his successor! Your challenge: prove your aptitude before Mount Olympus by transforming a talentless garage band with no prospects into the greatest metal act on the planet. Oh, and you have to save the world along the way, as well!

But your testosterone-driven metal-heads are not alone. Jill Janus of the US band Huntress and Charlotte Wessels, frontwoman for the Dutch symphonic metal band Delain, will stand by your side and raise their voices to rescue the music world. For Metal Heroes and the Fate of Rock is about music as well as visuals and description.

Indeed, the accompanying soundtrack directly influences the progress of the story and stars international metal bands from varying styles, including music from Alestorm, Cavalera Conspiracy, Delain, DevilDriver, Gormathon, Grave Digger, Huntress, Mammoth Mammoth, Striker, and Visions of Atlantis. As well as this innovative feature, Metal Heroes and the Fate of Rock includes:

  • Over 1,300 sections on 720+ pages divided into 12 chapters, plus 2 unlockable special chapters.
  • Complete text and gameplay edits since the original book.
  • A ‘jump right in!’ approach when you can learn by playing with an easy step-by-step tutorial. 
  • A choice of 3 difficulty levels (P*ssy, Rocker, Freak).
  • Many challenging puzzles.
  • A detailed Metal Journal containing the band’s skills, stuff, and songs.
  • The chance to play and experience gigs all around the world.
  • And ultimately…to become the next God of Rock! 

The Kickstarter is currently live and will conclude on November 30. Check it out!

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