New Gamebook: Psycho Killer, by David Lowrie

Halloween approaches, so what better time for GBN to report on the upcoming release of Psycho Killer, the latest gamebook from David Lowrie, author and artist of the Hellscape Book 1: Straight to Hell. Promising to be an adventure not for the faint of heart, readers brave enough to open its pages will enjoy (and endure!) 400 sections of violence, misery and mayhem with full A4 original art from the author. Here is a teaser for the book:

It all started 20 years ago in a normal suburban house. But what Officers Shaw and Walker found in that house on 17th December was far from normal…..

Now, 20 years later, the perpetrator of these heinous crimes has escaped from a maximum security mental facility, thirsting after blood. Your blood. And they will stop at nothing to sate that thirst.

Meanwhile, oblivious to recent events, you are a postgraduate student, hard at work on your dissertation on the last day of term, on the 17th floor of University Tower. You are keeping busy, so you don’t have time to think about what happened on this day two decades ago. You have spent 20 years trying to run away from those events.

Then all of a sudden, the lights go out, the phone lines go dead, and your blood runs cold.

You know, with absolute certainty, that your life in in mortal danger. Not just yours, but anyone else in the building…

Can you escape from a dark tower block and escape from a remorseless, relentless killer? Can you save your friends and colleagues from a bloody fate? Can you outwit and evade your pursuer? Or will you become the next victim of this Psycho Killer?Armed with nothing but a pencil, and two dice, can you manage to survive?

This new gamebook from Black Dog Gamebooks is a dark and disturbing journey. Blood and brutal death are around every turn, as this implacable killer hunts you and your friends. 

Psycho Killer will be released on Amazon to buy on Halloween 2020. A kindle version will be available soon after as will a hyperlinked PDF on Drive Thru RPG.

If you are in any doubt as to the sort of gamebook you will be facing, take a look at this review from My Gamebook Adventures:

“I promise you won’t encounter any other gamebook that is to unrelentingly unpleasant and sickening. I felt rather nauseous playing it, but I’m glad I did.”

If readers would prefer to order direct, the author is offering signed copies with an A5 sketch. Contact David directly via:

Facebook: The Hellscape Gamebook Series
Twitter: @BGamebooks
Instagram: blackdoggamebooks

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