Along the Edge & Seers Isle are heading to Nintendo Switch

Nova-box, the studio behind Across the Grooves, are releasing Along the Edge and Seers Isle on Nintendo Switch on October 15. Both games have been successful on Steam and can be found on several platforms.

Along the Edge and Seers Isle are both visual novels. Along the Edge is set in the European countryside and Seers Isle takes place in a fantasy version of medieval northern Europe.

In Along the Edge Daphné is at a dead-end. She’s unsatisfied by her personal and professional life. So, when she inherits an old family house in a remote part of the country, she jumps at the opportunity to start anew.

Does she decide to embrace her legacy or does she hang on to her old way of life?

The novel features:

  • A slightly occult universe painted with the vibrant colours of the European countryside.
  • Your choices change the main character’s personality, mood, and look.
  • A huge amount of content, enough to fill a two year compendium of a comic book series.
  • Over 450 handmade fullscreen illustrations and 20 characters with over 400 different variants and attitudes (including 38 possible appearance evolutions of the main character, Daphné).
  • 80,000 words in English, French, and Simplified Chinese — which translates into a 400 page novel.

In Seers Isle a group of shaman apprentices set foot on the shores of a sacred island to be initiated to magic.

As they progress through the wilderness, looking for the “Seers”, their spirit-guides, they realise they’re not alone.

“The island… It was my prison.
For ages, I roamed the land, helpless, looking for a way out…
And then, they arrived.”

Who is this strange horned woman they are seeing in their dreams?

  • Explore the island through a diverse group of characters, depicted in a gorgeous European comic book art style.
  • Every choice matters. Each decision you make slightly alters the mood and personality of the main character, as well as her relationship with the rest of the group.
  • A huge amount of content: with each play-through, discover a novel-sized adventure and a slice of the hundreds of hand-drawn images created for the game.
  • An immersive and finely crafted soundtrack: the music adapts and shifts according to your choices and the mood of each scene.
  • Dynamic dialog system: read the story like a comic book.
  • High replayability: choose your soulmate and discover the outcome of your decisions through multiple story paths and endings.

Check out the official sites of Along the Edge and Seers Isle, for more information on the games and download options.

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