Kickstarter: Light Strikers by Code of Light Studios

As part of a kickstarter launch of a multi-platform TTRPG that includes a complete game system & campaign setting, Code of Light Studios is releasing a short battlebook that is inspired by the Choose Your Own Adventure and Fighting Fantasy style of gamebooks.

Pre-launch Kickstarter page is currently open.

 A $5 pledge will get you the battlebook and the possibility of an additional book via a stretch goal. In the event of strong support, the studio plans to write an ongoing series of gamebooks, all of which will include a mini-character sheet with stats, powers and items. All you need to play the book is 2d6, pencil/pen and paper!

The battlebook is described as an introduction to the world of Light Strikers and the Clash rules system that can lead into the full tabletop roleplaying game for 2-6 players. It plays out in approximately 45-60 minutes, and uses full pages rather than the sections to which most gamebook enthusiasts are accustomed. 

The genre is a unique mash-up of sci-fi/fantasy and super heroes and is inspired by classic RPGs, books, retro cartoons, movies, comics and anime.

The kickstarter campaign is aimed at finalising commissioned art, and securing additional art for the battlebook and the core-rulebook. Once the kickstarter goes live, the full PDF version of the battlebook will be given out for free!

If all goes well, Code of Light Studios plans to release more battlebooks that further expand on Light Strikers and explores new ways to play these kinds of solo adventure books. In this instance, the complexity and roleplaying decisions of the gamebooks will be increased, and will introduce new mechanics and puzzles.

Check out their website with the press release teaser.

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