NEWSBYTE: Kickstarter Game, Choice of Games & Rhianna Pratchett’s FF book!

Not only is this summer proving to be a scorcher, it’s also full of HOT gamebook news! Tons of things are happening – fresh Kickstarters, interactive audio adventures, print gamebooks, and much more. We’re in for a treat!

Here’s a peek at some new and upcoming projects.

Roll Player Adventures is currently live on Kickstarter. It is a stand-alone, co-op, narrative board game for up to four players – but it can also be played solo. Import your Roll Player character and embark on an adventure!

Roll Player Adventures is set in the world of the critically acclaimed dice manipulation game, Roll Player. Players take the role of fantasy heroes: facing challenges, adventuring through the realm of Ulos, and making decisions that change the story — and the kingdom — forever.

After a thousand years of peace, Dragul armies raided from the north, prompting you and every other loyal citizen of Nalos to sign up as soldiers of the King’s Guard. The armies of Nalos fought long and hard against the North’s monstrous generals and their minions, finally turning the tide of the Dragul Invasion.

In each of the game’s 12 storybooks, you’ll be asked to make choices, complete skill checks, and fight battles that will permanently alter the world of Nalos for that adventure and future ones too. You’ll find new allies, make enemies, and uncover secrets that will change the world around you.

The game is currently seeking funding through Kickstarter and has already reached its goal! It concludes on July 17.

Scholastic UK has announced that Rhianna Pratchett will be the next guest author for the Fighting Fantasy series.

Crystal of Storms will be illustrated by Eva Eskelinen for publication in October 2020.

Pratchett — daughter of Sir Terry Pratchett — is a video game writer and journalist. She’ll be the first female guest writer for the series. 

Crystal of Storms can be pre-ordered at Amazon.

Choice of Games recently released a brand new expansion and update to Hannah Powell-Smith’s Blood Money. This expands the game with an extra 10,000 more words of romance scenes!

This update is free for all customers who’ve purchased Blood Money.

By the power of your blood, you and your ghosts will take over your crime family!

Blood Money is a 285,000-word interactive novel by Hannah Powell-Smith.

When your cousin murders the city’s most notorious crime boss – your mother – a power struggle erupts across the criminal underworld. As your sisters Octavia and Fuschia vie for control, you alone in the family possess the blood magician’s power to summon and command ghosts. They hunger for your blood; if it’s blood they want, then blood they’ll have.

Will you take over the family business? Remain loyal, go it alone, or defect to a rival gang?

• Play as male, female, or non-binary; gay, straight, bi, or ace.
• Embrace your unearthly gifts and build connections with the dead, or banish ghosts to the underworld to protect the living
• Look for love, or manipulate your friends and allies; betray those who trust you, or maintain family loyalty no matter the cost
• Fight a gang war for your family, defect to your rivals, or reject a life of crime
• Negotiate volatile family relations: resolve squabbles, fall in line as a loyal lieutenant, or sharpen your knife for backstabbing
• Influence citywide politics: exploit the Mayor’s office for your own ends, or use your connections for a greater cause

What will you sacrifice for freedom, and who will you sacrifice for power?

Download Blood Money at Choice of Games‘ official website.

Choice of Games recently published Volume 2 of War of the Gods. This second part is a huge 170,000-word thrilling conclusion to War of the Gods.

Fight the god of death on your way to godhood! Choose your path with six different characters: warrior, assassin, mage, thief, storm rider, and beastmaster.  Destroy the death god’s minions by sword, magic, storms, or beasts.  Rise in power to eventually destroy the death god himself.  Seize your own path toward godhood.

War of the Gods is a two-part, 255,000-word interactive novel by Barbara Elzey, where your choices control the story. It’s entirely text-based, without graphics or sound effects and fuelled by the vast, unstoppable power of your imagination.

  • Play a Solarian, a creature who is invulnerable by day and weak at night.
  • Play the human assassin who must fight his way free from bondage.
  • Play a Storm Rider, an ancient race that harnesses the power of the storm.
  • Play a thief known as the Silver Fox, who must save her people from the death cultists who killed her family
  • Play a Deodrin mage, a creature from an ancient race, who hurls spells to save a family from the despotic king.
  • Play a human beastmaster, who is the true heir to the throne, and who gathers allies for war, both human and beasts.
  • Choose your gender; romance as gay, straight, or asexual, and select your physical traits.
  • Find romance with different fantastical species and characters.
  • Defeat the minions of death.
  • Gain power toward your own rise to godhood.

Available as an in-app purchase in War of the Gods on the Choice of Games website, Android, and on iOS in the “Hosted Games” app.  

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  1. What FF?!

    Cute flying German Shepherd dog scares cartoon rain cloud with eyes? Come back Emmnanuel’s original Citadel of Chaos cover, all is forgiven.

    Time to start praying to all of the Titan gods that this is just the greatest ever (literal) example of “Don’t judge a book by its cover”!

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