NEWSBYTE: Choice of Games releases

Choice of Games has recently released two games – War for Magincia on their Hosted Games label and the sci-fi adventure Light Years Apart.

In Light Years Apart you and your sister set out to outfox a galaxy-spanning AI to save your home planet. It’s a rollicking adventure with “space pirates, spies, and snarky computers”.

As with most Choice of Games titles, this is also a large adventure, spanning 230,000 words. The sci-fi novel is written by Anaea Lay. The game is entirely text-based without graphics or sound effects.

You trained at the Kempari College, an academy for super spies, fighting against the Aydan-machine interplanetary AI. Aydan-machine and its affiliated megacorp, the ICA, have monopolized control over FTL weft-drives.

You resigned from the College when your teachers ordered you to commit murder. Since then, you’ve wandered the galaxy for a decade, so long that your shipboard computer has become your surrogate parent.

But now, the ICA has blockaded Kempus, and you’re in a unique position to prevent thousands of unnecessary deaths. Will you ally with the enemy, or return to the rebels who once betrayed you?

What’s more, your hacker sister has brought your old flame back into your orbit, and the love you left behind is now mission-critical. As a former spy, you have flexible morals, but there are certain lines you won’t cross. The blockade is real, and it’s killing kids.

When your planet needs you, will you step up or storm off?

• Play as male, female, or non-binary; gay, straight, bi, poly or asexual
• Unleash artful and infinite swearing
• Swap stories and strategies with your secret agent peers
• Drink yourself silly on extraterrestrial moonshine
• Team up with space pirates
• Watch a planet breed with its moon
• Smuggle two weird teenagers past an interplanetary blockade

In the medieval simulator War for Magincia YOU can rule the kingdom!

War for Magincia is the latest in Choice of Games‘ popular Hosted Games line of multiple choice, interactive fiction games. It is available on their website as well as for Android and on iOS in the Hosted Games app.

This adventure is a prequel to Swamp Castle and The Great Tournament where you can lead a medieval faction as it attempts to secure the Kingdom of Magincia. You must deal with other hostile factions and fight off barbarians to gain ruling power of the realm.

War for Magincia is a 200,000-word interactive novel by Philip Kempton. Set in the world of Swamp Castle and The Great Tournament, in War for Magincia you’ll experience randomly generated events and stats results each time you play, plus a deep story tree with many different endings, in addition to three difficulty modes: easy, normal, or hard.

  • Use diplomacy, war, or intrigue to defeat your rival factions.
  • Work for the betterment of the Kingdom and people, or take all its riches for yourself.
  • Send diplomats to rival factions to sue for peace or spies to cause chaos and war among your rivals.
  • Train your army with a variety of unit troops. Upgrade their equipment and training.
  • Choose your general and level him/her up with a variety of military manoeuvres.
  • Hire advisors to help in your quest to secure the Kingdom of Magincia.
  • Unlock achievements and new modes of play.

You can play Light Years Apart and War for Magincia on the official Choice of Games website, or access them via the Hosted Games Android and iOS apps.

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