Wayhaven Chronicles: Book Two

Hosted Games has just released The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book Two, a sequel to Book One. Both gamebooks are available at Steam, Android, and iOS in the Hosted Games Omnibus app.

Two months have passed since the bloody showdown with Murphy. Wayhaven has returned to its peaceful routine and you’ve returned to your less-than-thrilling job as a detective. But with your new role as human liaison to The Agency — an organisation that governs the supernatural — things should be far from dull.

Along with the job comes Unit Bravo, the team you are learning to live with on a more permanent basis. And with one team member, comes the continuation of feelings that were just beginning to be explored…

Mishka Jenkins’ fantasy world expands from Book One which continues your detective story, but brings in new challenges and characters.

The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book Two is a 750,000+ word continuation of the first book in the series. Continue the supernatural story, grow the romance you began in the first part, meet old and new characters, and decide how to handle the new situations you’re thrown into.

There are several different character choices to be made, as well as continuation from the previous game:

• Play as female, male, or non-binary; play as straight, gay, or bisexual.

• Continue your unique and lasting romance with one of the four vampires of Unit Bravo.

• Build on your character by deciding key factors in their development.

• Grow and define friendships and relationships from Book One, as well as those introduced in Book Two.

• Gain a new ally, make peace, or turn against the new supernatural situation that has arisen.

• Enjoy the freedom of a play style which suits you, whether through personality, stats, or choices.

Read more on the game’s official page at Hosted Games.

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