Gamebook playthroughs – Part 2

Following on from our earlier article about Fighting Fantasy playthroughs, here’s a broader selection of audio and video adventures covering many different series (including more Fighting Fantasy), from classics such as Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf gamebooks to modern role-playing solos for D&D 5th Edition and Call of Cthulhu.

The Dark Eye [Ulisses International]

Ulisses International on Twitch or YouTube is playing through their Dark Eye solo adventures Conspiracy of Mages and Vampire of Havena in multi-video series. These two 68-page solos are designed to introduce new players to the mechanics of The Dark Eye RPG by featuring a pre-generated character and careful explanations whenever dice are rolled.

Both adventures are currently available in PDF as ‘Pay What You Want’ from DriveThruRPG, so there’s no better time to learn how to play The Dark Eye than right now.

Fighting Fantasy [Campaign on Dice]

A regular podcast where two men roll dice and read a book together, Campaign on Dice plays the Fighting Fantasy series in order – currently they’re playing a second attempt at completing Ian Livingstone’s Temple of Terror.

Part of the W4B Network, you can listen to any of the Campaign on Dice episodes via Apple Podcasts and other podcast services. Visit the When Wagon Wheels Were Bigger website for further information.

Call of Cthulhu [Dicestormers]

On The Dicestormers YouTube channel you can find a reading of Chaosium’s introductory solo adventure Alone Against the Flames from the Call of Cthulhu RPG Starter Set.

You can also listen to this playthrough via the Dicestormers’ podcast on Anchor (and many other podcast providers), so it’s your choice: video plus audio, or audio-only!

Lone Wolf [JosiahFireSnake]

Josiah’s Let’s Play channel on YouTube covers video/PC games, D&D and gamebooks, including a 30-part reading of Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf series using Project Aon’s online versions, and starting with Book One: Flight from the Dark. Josiah has a handy Playlist available, so you can easily find his playthrough video for your favourite Lone Wolf title.

5e Solo Gamebooks [Rob Twohy]

DM Rob2E takes you on adventures using Fantasy Grounds software to play D&D 5E – including Paul Bimler’s 5e Solo series. Rob’s YouTube channel features a Playlist containing his Fantasy Grounds playthroughs of three popular 5e Solo adventures: The Death Knight’s Squire, Tyrant of Zhentil Keep and Citadel of the Raven.

You can also follow Rob on Twitch, where he regularly streams D&D 5E material for the gaming community.

Fabled Lands [How to be a Great Game Master]

How to be a Great Game Master’s Guy, an avid role-player and GM, presents a playthrough series on his YouTube channel exploring the Fabled Lands gamebooks. There’s 17 videos available on his Playlist, which includes journeying through Book 7: The Serpent King’s Domain.

Fighting Fantasy [ToME Tabletop Gaming]

TOME Tabletop Gaming is a Wargaming, RPG and Tabletop Gaming YouTube channel presented by Kevin ‘Mithaearon’ Barraclough, that also features a range of interesting Fighting Fantasy content.

Kevin’s Fighting Fantasy videos include playthroughs of House of Hell and The Warlock of Firetop Mountain; a flip through issues of Warlock, the Fighting Fantasy Magazine; a look at his gamebook collection; a What Is? introduction to FF; a review of Assassins of Allansia; plus a detailed unboxing video of the Legend of Zagor board game.

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