It’s Your Adventure: Battle for Hearth Valley

Become a courageous adventurer in Eyal Aradi’s It’s Your Adventure – an exciting Print & Play pocket series of four linked adventures, beginning with Book 1: The Caves of Danger. Delivered as a special print-at-home PDF, this physically tiny (and therefore both convenient and able to easily fit into any pocket) gamebook series features a diceless combat mechanic, whereby a random page flip determines the sequence of all battles.

All four adventures follow the same hero, who is the child of a blacksmith in the village Hearth. While the village’s militia protects the settlement from all types of threats, they are too busy to help locals deal with minor issues or to find and eliminate the source of said threats. On his 18th birthday the blacksmith’s child, having grown strong and wise practising sword techniques and studying with the local sage, decides to head off on adventures, seeking to assist the village and explore the world outside.


  • Print at home, trim and bind, and play right away
  • 100 sections in each book – hours of fun and excitement
  • Micro size – fits any pocket
  • Ages 12 and up
  • No dice – play anywhere
  • Homebrew old-school adventure

Your playable hero is the possessor of three Traits: strength, agility and health, which are tested at key points throughout your adventure. The player’s maximum (initial) health is raised by 1 point after the successful completion of a book, thereby providing greater odds of success when undertaking the following adventures.

The It’s Your Adventure series is being currently seeking finance via the crowdfunding website wemakeit, where backers can make a pledge for one or all of the adventures, with planned stretch goals including additional formats (including full-colour print), commissioned art and more.

Each of the four books in the series will deal with threats from each of the cardinal directions relative to the village, and a special fifth book (only available if the campaign reaches €10,000) is also included for any backer pledging for at least one book – this ‘extra’ book will see you dealing with a secret menace located under the Hearth itself.

The It’s Your Adventure wemakeit campaign will conclude on May 14th.

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