Lone Wolf: Trail of the Wolf – Collector’s Edition

The 25th gamebook in Joe Dever’s classic Lone Wolf series has now been rereleased in a special Collector’s Edition hardback from Holmgard Press.

Lone Wolf has been abducted by the forces of the Dark God Naar and imprisoned in a remote city-fortress on the border of the Darklands. Subjected to relentless attacks by the minions of evil, the Supreme Master of the Kai is surely doomed to die unless a rescue can be effected swiftly and successfully.

In Trail of the Wolf, you must venture alone into the dreaded stronghold of Gazad Helkona to find and free your leader. Can you succeed in your vital mission … or will you fall foul of the horrors that lurk within this Darklands city-fortress?

This Collector’s Edition features Brian Williams’ original illustrations, a brand new Bonus Adventure by August Hahn illustrated by NerdGore, a gorgeous new map from Francesco Mattioli, and striking new cover art from Alberto Dal Lago – which is also available as a limited edition, individually hand-numbered fine art print (sized up to 600 x 900mm).

Additionally, for those who missed out on securing a copy of Rune War the first time, a second print run of the 24th Lone Wolf book is now also available from Holmgard Press.

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