UPCOMING: Pendragon

Pendragon is a character-driven narrative strategy game from inkle (creators of 80 DAYS and Heaven’s Vault). This dynamic, self-narrating digital board game will see you journeying across Dark Ages Britain, facing wild creatures, brutal rogues, and Sir Mordred’s dark knights. Fight turn-based battles with simple yet deeply strategic combat where position is everything, losses are inevitable, and every step permanently shapes the narrative.

Your decisions, and those of your enemies, drive Pendragon, with a randomised game board ensuring that every playthrough is different. Experience an infinitely replayable epic where story and gameplay are one – the Arthurian legend told and retold – with every discovery and strategic decision penning your tale.

AD 673. Camelot has fallen. The jealous Sir Mordred has broken the fellowship of the Round Table with hatred and lies. Now King Arthur faces his final battle. Who will keep the dream of Camelot alive?

Will Sir Lancelot be reunited with Queen Guinevere? Will she spurn him, or embrace him? Will Sir Kay ever forgive Sir Gawaine for siding with Sir Mordred? Can Morgana le Fay be trusted? Where is Merlyn? Who lies buried in Mordred’s graveyard? Who is the archer in the woods? What has become of Excalibur?

Rally the Knights of the Round Table to reach Arthur before he meets his fate. Some will make it to Camlann. Others will fall. Yet every turn will change history.

Secrets will be uncovered. Hearts will be broken. People will die. But maybe, just maybe, King Arthur can be saved…

Pendragon’s story plays out turn by turn on the field of battle itself, with your actions determining whether Arthur faces Mordred alone or with friends by his side. The personality of your chosen character will shape the story as they lead the adventure: Morgana le Fay is treacherous; Queen Guinevere is haunted by her mistakes; Sir Lancelot is French; Sir Gawaine is usually drunk…

Your story in Pendragon is assembled from thousands of interconnected pieces, with the game remembering your decisions and adapting the narrative to reflect the outcome of your actions – every move, every choice, every victory and defeat. Pendragon is a digital storytelling board game of elegance, emotion, and infinite possibility.

Available mid-2020, Pendragon can now be wishlisted on Steam. Visit the inkle website for further information.

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