KICKSTARTER: The Fantasy Trip: The Book of Unlife & Red Crypt

Steve Jackson Games’ has launched a new Kickstarter to fund the latest titles for The Fantasy Trip roleplaying game: a guide to many of the known kinds of unlife, and a new solitaire adventure.

The Book of Unlife
A 64-page book by Howard Kistler, The Book of Unlife covers 44 unliving and undead creatures. A guide to the general powers and vulnerabilities of the unliving, it also includes a complete adventure setting, The Haunting of Holner House.

Unlife is a broad term covering a wide variety of entities which are not ‘living beings’ in the traditional sense of the word. They may have once been alive, like Ghosts; true ‘undead,’ like Nosferatu; animated forms, like Zombies and Golems; entities of pure spiritual energy, like Poltergeists; or immortal beings from the unearthly realms, like Banshees. Whatever they are, they are not alive in the way life is usually understood.

The first part of the book, The Types of Unlife, is a guide to many of the known kinds of unlife. The second part, The Characteristics of Unlife, covers the unusual abilities that unlife beings may have, as well as techniques that can be used against hostile unlifes. The third part is an adventure setting that will bring the party up against several formidable unliving foes, as well as some living ones!

Red Crypt
A 24-page programmed adventure from David Pulver, Red Crypt is designed for a single character for The Fantasy Trip: In The Labyrinth.

You study the face on the wanted poster. 30-ish, with ash-blond hair and a hook-shaped scar under his right eye. Jack Smoke.

Smoke is a Redcap, part of a secret society plotting to overthrow the established order of wizards, priests, and guilds. Like many Redcaps, Smoke trusts gadgets or potions over magic. You heard he was once a priest who earned his nickname burning heretics. Then Smoke discovered his cult’s ‘miracles’ were mere spells cast to delude the congregation. He lost his faith and turned against all wizardry as well, embracing the Redcap cause. What he didn’t lose was his fanaticism.

Recently, Smoke detonated a gas bomb at a town fair. It poisoned the wizard he targeted – and several children.

‘Unfortunate collateral damage,’ said the Redcap communiqué that claimed credit for the assassination.

You intend to bring Jack Smoke to justice … and claim the 1,000 silvers the baron offers for his head!

This adventure establishes locations, gives you decisions to make, and tells you the outcomes of those decisions. You will need six-sided dice, a straightedge and scratch paper, along with counters and megahex tiles. Since it uses only one player-character, it can be played two ways: Solitaire (where a lone player runs all characters and combat) or Two-Player (one player plays through the scenario, while the other controls foes and acts as the Game Master).

Note that due to the lack of reliable and economical delivery options for international shipping, this campaign does not include physical rewards for backers outside the US – only PDF. Steve Jackson Games will instead offer both The Book of Unlife and Red Crypt through Amazon’s print-on-demand service once the books are released, which will include affordable shipping rates for overseas delivery. The Kickstarter will conclude on April 18th.

Visit the Steve Jackson Games website for further information about the full range of products currently available for The Fantasy Trip.

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