Heart’s Choice: A Player’s Heart

Find love, fame and intrigue on the stage of the city’s all-woman Opera! Put on a show, survive drama on and off-stage…and win your lover’s heart in A Player’s Heart – a 222,000-word lesbian romance novel by Melissa Scott (author of the Roads of Heaven science fantasy series, the Julian Lynes and Ned Mathey magical/romantic detective series (co-authored with Amy Griswold), and the Astreiant fantasy/mystery series (co-authored with Scott’s late partner Lisa A. Barnett).

You’re a rising member of the all-woman Opera company, one of three great theatre companies in the glittering rivermouth city of Tristendesande. But Tristendesande’s legal ruler is a three-year-old boy, and his mother the Regent is under ever-increasing pressure from the Castagi Ambassador to rein in the city’s notorious freedoms, the theatres among them. The Opera’s leaders are determined to stay neutral, but the louche, disreputable Electricity Theater – where, scandalously, men and women perform on the same stage, in the same acts – is equally determined to undermine the Ambassador’s influence. And in the hothouse of the theatre, love and politics are always entangled.

Who will you choose? Will you seduce your elegant rival at the Opera, Celeine, with a glittering smile and a dancer’s grace, the remains of last night’s paint on her lips as she helps you strive to be your best? Or the innocent Myrr, a genius ‘artifex’ on the stage crew: olive-dark, clever, quick and resourceful, holding you close with strong hands and broad shoulders? Or will it be Mervelles, the daring star of the Electricity Theater, with her dapper suit and deliberately messy dark hair, a nimble and sensuous dancer at home with her contradictions? Or perhaps you’ll have the society hostess Jasquillyn Isalis, with her kohl-lined eyes and hair piled fashionably high, scented with rose perfume, diamonds flashing against her warm ivory skin.

Save the day with your brilliant performance and win your true love’s heart. On and off stage, a player’s heart conquers all!

  • Play as female, romancing women.
  • Find love with a scandalous rival, a fashionable noblewoman, your reliable friend, or an ambitious fellow actress.
  • Choose to play male roles, female roles, or to be a theatre technician.
  • Show your skill at intrigue in Madam Isalis’s salon.
  • Attend a scandalous performance and escape the watch.
  • Bring your fellow players together, or seek to outdo them all.
  • Court your love in a fencing match or through shared performance.

A Player’s Heart is available via Steam, where it’s currently on sale at 40% off; on iOS and Android in the Choice of Games Omnibus app, where it’s FREE to play, and 25% off to disable ads until February 20th; and online where you can also play through the game once for FREE, or purchase unlimited replays. Visit the Heart’s Choice website for further information and all gameplay options.

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