TOY MYSTERY: The Secret of the Chatter Blocks

A short gamebook for young readers, TOY MYSTERY: The Secret of the Chatter Blocks is written by Singaporean author Don Bosco (creator of the Lion City Adventures, My Blade Quest and Sherlock Hong Adventures series) and published by his kidlit publishing studio Super Cool Books. Designed for children aged 8-10, The Secret of the Chatter Blocks introduces them to the interactive fiction genre through a quirky mystery story where they get to choose how the storyline develops.

Kei and Will are students at the School of Amusement Arts in New Toy-ko City. They help Professor Felicity Nora investigate unusual cases involving toys and puzzles. A rare set of Chatter Blocks has been stolen. These Blocks talk when you roll them like dice. Help Kei and Will catch the thief and recover the Blocks. But be careful, the Perplexity Gang is involved!

Short, thrilling, funny, and easy to read, The Secret of the Chatter Blocks is also a perfect book for reluctant readers. The total word count of all the story threads is not too long at around 8,000 words, providing a sense of ease for the reader as they navigate the different story threads, creating a mental map of all possibilities. The interactive format additionally makes kids more attentive as they read, because they have to keep making decisions, and it develops story literacy as they observe how different plots are structured.

The Secret of the Chatter Blocks is a 62-page paperback book available from Amazon and other retailers. Visit the Super Cool Books website to discover more about Don’s exciting fiction for children and teens.

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