KICKSTARTER: Sryth – 2020

As the online text-based RPG Sryth enters its 17th year, its creator, writer and developer, Matthew H. Yarrows, is seeking the necessary funding to continue creating the game, and to dramatically expand Sryth’s game world – which already contains more than 35,000 game sections and a staggering total of nearly 3.75 million written words!

Backers of the Kickstarter campaign will provide funding to continue the creation, development, and expansion of Sryth through 2020 and into 2021, plus help to fund operational and equipment costs, including maintaining the game’s dedicated server and meeting related network hosting expenses.

Yarrows aims to dramatically expand Sryth by increasing the size of its playable game world through the addition of new places to which players may travel and explore. This includes previously unreleased locations within the existing game world, like the city of Syr, as well as the all-new region of Arkyndar – the vast, frozen realm commonly referred to as the ‘Fabled North’.

Arkyndar will be the single largest game world expansion in the history of Sryth, presenting adventurers with the opportunity to explore and experience the full, rich scope of a frozen, untamed realm of ancient mystery.

Scattered settlements, a treacherous snowy waste, crumbling ruins, deep dungeons, remnants of a lost civilization, an intrigue-filled port city, and much more await discovery by those who dare the perilous journey to the ‘Fabled North’.

Arkyndar is a place where myth and history collide – a realm that has long guarded secrets related to the origins and destinies of some of Sryth’s most legendary personages.

The bold will find adventures uncounted and treasures innumerable – with icy death ever only a frigid breath away. 

The ‘Fabled North’ awaits!

The pledge levels on offer incorporate numerous in-game backer rewards, including: Adventurer Tokens, Exclusive Trillwark’s Trinkets, a Rime-Encrusted Map, a Companion Spirit, Arkyndar Survival Gear, a Wraithhawk, and much more. Also, if the campaign exceeds its funding target, content-related Stretch Goals will unlock both lengthened and new adventures, with current locations expanded, and new locations in Arkyndar added.

Plus, until February 25th, Adventurers can acquire Keptharr’s Token (see above) by visiting the ‘windowless building with a blue door’ in Hawklor, Talinus, Trithik or the Battlegrounds Encampment. The true purpose of this odd token will be revealed at the successful conclusion of the Kickstarter campaign, so don’t delay! You’ll most certainly want the benefits of Keptharr’s Token!

The Kickstarter campaign will conclude on February 27th. Visit the Sryth website to learn more about the game or to create your FREE account and start adventuring.

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