KICKSTARTER: Steam Highwayman III: The Reeking Metropolis

Explore London’s many secrets in the next intriguing volume of Martin Noutch’s open-world Steampunk Adventure Gamebook Series. Steam Highwayman III: The Reeking Metropolis is the third title to be released in his impressive series of connected gamebooks, where each can be played as a stand-alone adventure, but together, by use of codewords and interlinked passages, they create one seamless story set in a fascinating world of deep exploration and extensive player choice.

Revolution! Sewers! Intrigue! Impersonation! Meat pies!

The Reeking Metropolis has its own challenges to a steampunk outlaw like yourself. Never far from the Constables, you are also in the heart of the Imperial system, surrounded by the mechanisms of power, the mighty Guilds, omnipresent poverty and inequality. There are fortunes to be made and lost: the stakes have never been higher for the Steam Highwayman.

Faced with the greater dangers and opportunities of London, will you thrive as the hero of the Revolution, gain wealth as the leader of a street-gang, serve as an undercover agent, or become, worst of all, a Member of Parliament? Through which tunnels and which crooked streets will you pursue evildoers and victims? Will you take up burglary or impersonation, become a con artist or an acrobat, steal the Crown Jewels or jump aboard an airship bound for distant lands? In The Reeking Metropolis there are graves waiting to be robbed, conspiracies to be uncovered and boxing matches to fix.

Your choices have consequences in the Steam Highwayman series, and your compromises and misdeeds are remembered along with your victories. Now, new mechanics are introduced in The Reeking Metropolis creating even more interactivity and freedom than ever before. Go where you want, when you want, exploring the City and discovering quests, secrets and mysteries in every alleyway.

The Reeking Metropolis will feature approximately 270 pages / 1500 passages, and will be printed in paperback to match the two previous volumes. The cover sports a moody and atmospheric painting by Piotr Jamroz, and internal illustrations will be completed in a classic monochrome style, undertaken by the legend of gamebook illustration, Russ Nicholson.

The Kickstarter for The Reeking Metropolis will directly fund the illustration and publication of the adventure, with every backer receiving a written acknowledgement in the book. Rewards on offer include large fold-out maps, custom dice, the opportunity for new fans to purchase all three books in the series, and be included as a wanted criminal with a custom Wanted Poster added to your copy.

The Reeking Metropolis Kickstarter campaign has nearly reached its funding goal already, and will conclude on February 23rd.

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