Escape This Book! Tombs of Egypt

Tombs of Egypt is the second Escape This Book! title written by Bill Doyle and illustrated by Sarah Sax – a series of action and adventure books for younger readers where you doodle, decide and demolish your way out of some of history’s greatest events. Become the star in this unique mix of interactive fiction, puzzles, drawing activities, fun facts and amazing survival stories as YOU decide the best path to avoid being trapped inside the book. Don’t be afraid to rip, fold or scrunch a page . . . your escape may depend on it!

Reader, beware! Once you open this book, there is NO turning back. You will have THREE chances to escape this ancient Egyptian tomb. You must choose a path first:

Pharaoh: Want to be the top ruler of ancient Egypt? Choose this path and become one of history’s greatest pharaohs.

Pyramid worker: You’ve built some of the world’s most amazing monuments. Will that help you escape before being turned into a mummy?

Archaeologist: You make incredible discoveries, and you’re about to enter an ancient, hidden tomb . . . but can you discover a way out?

Have fun directly interacting with the book as you take on challenges, make choices and learn true facts about an ancient civilisation. Tombs of Egypt is suitable for all ages, and is available as a 192-page Hardcover from various retailers, including Amazon.

Discover more about the Escape This Book! series at the Penguin Random House website.

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