The Fantasy Trip: Vampire Hunter Belladonna

Vampire Hunter Belladonna is a solo programmed adventure from Gaming Ballistic, authored by noted game writer and designer David Pulver for The Fantasy Trip – the old-school RPG from Steve Jackson Games. This adventure doesn’t require a Game Master, as a system of branching paragraphs directs you from encounter to encounter as you make your own choice. You resolve combat or other encounters using the separate TFT rules.

Play as the lethal maid Belladonna (wielder of silver stakes and deadly poisons), or as your own vampire slaying hero or wizard. Travel through the villages and wilderness near Ironskull Castle, hunting vampires (and possibly other monsters). During your quest, you may uncover disturbing rumours of the rise of a new and terrifying master vampire, and the arcane relic they seek. Can you find it first?

You are Belladonna, the young maid and cook at Castle Ironskull – moonlighting as a vampire slayer!

Years ago, the sinister Lord Adrik Blackbird turned your best friend into a vampire. For their own good, you had to stake them both! Somehow, you succeeded – but while those vampires perished, they had already infected others. The bloodsuckers will spread like a plague through the local countryside – unless you hunt them down!


  • Over 200 paragraphs detailing wilderness and village encounters.
  • Multiple new monsters (not just vampires!) and magic items.
  • A ‘sandbox’ wilderness setting that can reward multiple plays.
  • A choice of using the included pre-generated characters or your existing PC.
  • 42 ‘print your own’ 1″ square counters for use on tactical maps for the adventure.

Vampire Hunter Belladonna was created as part of the ‘Four Perilous Journeys’ Kickstarter campaign, which offered five adventures for TFT, all under license from Steve Jackson Games. The other four are GM’d adventures: two by David Pulver, and two more by the writing team of Christopher R. Rice and J. Edward Tremlett. Additionally, a follow-on campaign in the first half of the year for ‘More Perilous Journeys’ will contain two more programmed and three GM-led adventures – plus cardboard counters and monster/NPC cards compatible with SJGames’ ‘Decks of Destiny’ (expansions and accessories to TFT).

Vampire Hunter Belladonna is an independent storyline, however, it does have ties to Ironskull Castle (a TFT roleplaying adventure requiring a GM, also available from Gaming Ballistic) so both can be used together in a campaign if desired.

A 32-page adventure, Vampire Hunter Belladonna features cover art by Matsya Das, cartography by Glynn Seal, and interior art by Ben Jan, Juan Ochoa, Rick Troula, Sandrine Malus, Teresa Guido and Matsya Das.

Vampire Hunter Belladonna and the other Gaming Ballistic GM’d adventures can be purchased in PDF and Print at Gaming Ballistic‘s online store, or in PDF-only via DriveThruRPG. Visit the Steve Jackson Games website for further information about The Fantasy Trip.

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