December ROUND-UP: wolves, wizards and best wishes

This December update is the final Round-up article we’ll be posting on GBN. Due to recent alterations to our category structure and further upcoming improvements to the site, we’ll now make a switch to separately listing all news items as either a normal post set in our standard formatting, or as a brief ‘NewsByte’ for quick updates and other notifications.

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She Sees Red

Rhinotales’ interactive thriller She Sees Red is now available at Apple’s App Store, the Google Play Store, Amazon, and the Microsoft Store. The mobile builds of the game have received a new interface optimised for touch-screens, and all versions include the last update featuring the Skip feature.

Make decisions. Change the narrative. Become a detective. Experience multiple endings and inhabit the mind of a killer in our blood-red interactive movie. Your investigation starts now!

Visit the Rhinotales website for further information, or read our earlier news article about She Sees Red for Steam.

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Stuart Lloyd has released a two further ‘Small SCRAWL adventures’ for his solo RPG SCRAWL.

Mission IMPossible

The wizard Yerlock has lost his pets. Except these pets are experimental subjects. And intelligent. And really annoyed at having been used as experimental subjects. Deciding that it would be a really difficult task to capture them all, the wizard has decided to hire you to capture them again. Good luck!

Presence of a Hero

The good wizard Santarius has a pile of food and toys to deliver to the children of the town. But a jealous rival has created strange and sorcerous creatures to foil him. You have been hired to deliver the toys and food safely to the children of the town.

PDFs for Mission IMPossible and Presence of a Hero are available from DriveThruRPG – both require the SCRAWL rules system found in the Ultimate Edition, which is available for ‘pay what you want’.

• • •
Storyscape: Edge of Extinction

Edge of Extinction is an original sci-fi survival story for FoxNext Games and Fogbank Entertainment’s interactive Storyscape app, from acclaimed writer Drew Karpyshyn (BioWare’s Mass Effect and Knights of the Old Republic).

You are the survivor of a plague that has pushed humanity to the edge. But living through the endless twilight and frozen, corpse-filled villages of Norway’s winter is only the beginning of your trial. When you find a small band of survivors, you must persist together – through petty fights and life-or-death conflicts – to find the only beacon of hope that remains on the planet.

You can learn more about the app and its various episodic series at the Storyscape website.

• • •
Tunnels & Trolls

Flying Buffalo has released a primer and historical look back at making solitaire adventures for either Tunnels & Trolls or any choice-based roleplaying system. Written by Michael Stackpole (author of numerous highly-praised T&T solos), with additional material by Ken St. Andre, Steven S. Crompton & Rick Loomis, and featuring art by Liz Danforth, Rob Carver & Steven S. Crompton, the T&T Solo Design Guidelines discusses how to write and construct solo adventures, and offers plenty of helpful design advice regarding themes, location, difficulty etc.

Years ago, Flying Buffalo employee Michael Stackpole and the rest of the editorial staff wrote several detailed guidelines and primers on how to create, manage and write good solitaire adventures for Tunnels & Trolls. They were filled with tips on how to plot a solo, how to develop NPCs and keep track of all the paragraph connections. Many would-be-authors and T&T fans tried to get a copy, but at some point the guidelines disappeared and vanished into the void. Most thought they were lost forever…

Over 20 years later in 2019, Steve Crompton rediscovered this lost piece of RPG history and we have now scanned, restored and enhanced these guidelines and added additional material including updates for 2019, solo writing advice from Rick Loomis & Ken St Andre, a sample solo, and even a licensing agreement you can use if you want to self-publish your T&T solo adventure (or you can submit your solo to us).

Now you can take advantage of the knowledge and experience of some of the legends that created the solitaire adventure genre and learn how to craft your own adventures. Plus get a glimpse at a piece of RPG history that few fans ever got to see: the legendary Solo Adventure Guidelines for writing novel-length T&T solitaires.

The T&T Solo Design Guidelines is available as a 45-page PDF from DriveThruRPG.

• • •
Adventures With Anxiety!

A humorous interactive story about anxiety, where you play *as* the anxiety, Adventures With Anxiety! by Nicky Case is a game made for people with the disorder, just like the developer. By playing you may come to understand how anxiety operates, and possibly then have the tools to reduce the fear of fear itself.

Featuring fantastic 8-bit videogame music by Monplaisir, Adventures With Anxiety! can be played in your browser for FREE. Note that the game features alcohol abuse, sexuality and a truckload of swearing – you can activate the Cuss-Free Mode if you’d rather play without offensive language.

• • •
Lone Wolf

As part of DriveThruRPG‘s Teach Your Kids to Game Holiday Sale, fans of Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf gamebooks, and his fantastic world of Sommerlund, can pick up PDF copies of the books and other items from Cubicle 7’s RPG The Lone Wolf Adventure Game at heavily discounted prices until December 26th.

The full range of books available includes Bestiary of the Beyond, Magnamund Menagerie, The Realm of Sommerlund, Heroes of Magnamund, Terror of the Darklords and Adventures of the Kai – all excellent Lone Wolf resources full of setting details and lore, illustrated monsters, maps, fascinating background details and much more of interest to fans of the gamebook series.

Note that these products can also be purchased in print via Cubicle 7’s website (not currently discounted).

Thanks for visiting GBN during the year and contributing to our ongoing success in delivering information and entertainment about new and old narrative fiction. We wish you all an interactive Christmas and a very happy New Year!

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