Court of Ashes

Filled with narrative-driven interactions and branching choices, the recently released Court of Ashes from Cratel Studios is an immersive turn-based strategy game where you must learn to rule before there is nothing left to rule over.

With your king assassinated, and the country in the midst of a war, experience the events that unfurl as one of the five royal advisers now thrust together to create a collective governing council. Manage your resources and allocate them prudently to turn the tides of battle in your favour. Cultivate relationships with your other council members to convince them to support your choices.

Court of Ashes is driven by a branching text-based dialogue system complete with affinity scenes as well as scripted and unscripted group scenes between characters. Played as a strategic nation-management game, Court of Ashes seeks to engender a humanistic perspective from its rich dialogue sequences as players negotiate, manage time and resources, and attemptĀ to save the kingdom by overcoming the current troubles and winning the war.


Five Separate Journeys
Choose any one of the five council members to play as and witness the Court of Ashes story through different lenses. Explore how each character has their own ideas about rule and how those ideas manifest into strengths and weaknesses for them. Develop your relationship with each council member to unlock all 60 individualised affinity scenes.

Responsive Storytelling
Discover 18 different endings, plus various subendings, driven by your choices. Decide which path to follow in a branching narrative that follows your responses to both the war and the other council members.

Continual Discovery
Explore the story a second, third or fourth time through different characters, approaches to conflict, and alliances. Earn unlockable outfits, starting options, and scenes to enhance each new game.

Court of Ashes is available for PC / Linux via Steam.

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