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Choice of Games has created a new Heart’s Choice label for interactive adventures that place romance at the center of the story, and you at the center of the romance. Every game is filled with vivid fully-developed characters and complex narratives that respond to your choices, and every path is always open; you’ll never be charged extra for the best options or most interesting storylines. Whatever gender or orientation you want to play, there will be a Heart’s Choice game for you!

Heart’s Choice has been launched with four games featuring a range of genres, orientations, and spiciness levels, with a new game planned for release every 1-2 months. The initial offerings are:

Jazz Age
by Nicola R. White

Find love, fame and fortune in New York, with an intriguing cast of flappers and federal agents! Temptation is everywhere in this steamy 1920s romance!

It’s 1926 and there’s no place on Earth like New York City. You left the small town you grew up in to seek fame, fortune and romance on Broadway, but success and true love have both proven more elusive than you imagined. You never dreamed you’d be torn between helping one lover save their illegal speakeasy, while another lover tries to destroy it!

Play a leading role…in Prohibition! But will your heart find its match with a worldly club owner or the street-smart federal agent who wants to shut it down? Along the road to love, you’ll also have the chance to become a star, fight for workers’ rights, and save your family home. Who can you trust in a world of guns and glamour? Booze, fame, love & sex – New York has it all!

by RoAnna Sylver

Find true love and family with a pirate crew at the ends of the universe, where aliens, ghosts and portals open the space between worlds…and your heart. You are a Navigator, one who creates and guards portals from one dimension to another, wary of the liminal sea between them.

Your universe is made of two worlds: one contains the magic-infused world of Zephyria, and the other, the dystopian space station Eclipse. The worlds are balanced, until one day, an explosive disaster, a deadly energy storm, and an infamous pirate – the Ghost Queen – upend your life and plunge you into a race to save both worlds.

So what happens when you find there’s not just two dimensions to save, but three? Is saving two worlds worth sacrificing one? Will you find love with the crew of the Dawnfall, or will you bring these pirates to justice? Are connections between universes, people and lives meant to be forged and protected, or severed for the greater good? Navigate your heart’s own course, and hope you can weather the storms.

All-World Pro Wrestling
by David Monster and Jim Dattilo

You’re a trainee in the male Erotic Professional Wrestling Federation. Training includes sparring, matches in the ring against the other trainees, tag team competitions, a battle royal, antics in the showers and locker room, and even ringside seats at the Championship Match.

You’re just a young cub, but you have former Tag Team Champions for trainers, and the recently dethroned Heavyweight Champ, Dyer Anderson, who just lost his belt to an arrogant pretty boy you love to hate… and hate that you love. He’s ‘The Golden Boy,’ the dirtiest wrestler in the business, whose last match was more sexually charged than any you’ve ever seen.

You’ll enjoy downtime in a lavish, private mansion with your fellow trainees, along with ten other veterans of the training program, each one eager to tangle with you. They come in all shapes and sizes, and each with a range of abilities: Muscle Bears, Bodybuilders, Twinks, Beefy Men and Jock Boys, all with the dream of being a Pro Wrestler.

A Pirate’s Pleasure
by Lisa Fox

Sail the sea of love as a pirate queen! Seek gold, glory, and epic romance with a rogue, a warrior, or a nobleman. The Golden Age of Piracy is winding down and life is changing in the Caribbean – and as a pirate, you must change with the times. England has renewed its interest in the Bahamas and the time has come for you to choose a side, decide your future, and maybe find true love.

In this epic pirate adventure, will you ally with Nassau’s virtuous (and handsome!) new governor and save the island? Or will you side with a rival pirate captain and his tantalizing schemes…and even more tantalizing body? Of course, there is also the warrior quartermaster to consider, and his undying quest for revenge, and his undying thirst for you. Which of these strapping men will win your heart? Who do you love and who will you betray? Whatever you decide, it’s a pirate’s pleasure.

These first four Heart’s Choice games are available in a new omnibus app available to download from Google Play, Apple’s App Store, and the Amazon Android Marketplace; and as individual games via Steam. Visit the Heart’s Choice website for more information and to play through each game once for FREE online – the games are all on sale until Dec 9th.

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