Pick Your Path

Ransom Publishing has released Dan Metcalf’s Pick Your Path series of CYOA-style mini-adventures as repackaged books for reluctant readers – also known as HiLo (High Interest, Low Reading Age) – where the limited paragraphs and exciting choice-based gameplay are a perfect fit for readers with lower reading levels.

In the Pick Your Path series every page requires the reader to choose the next course of action in the story, with the trilogy offering a fresh take on the traditional gamebook format. These are short, strong, fast-moving stories, offering brief, low-level texts. They are not just books; they are fully interactive games that will have the reader guessing and guessing – what happens next? The reader decides! With bold, unbook-like layouts, these black & white illustrated adventures are perfect for building reading stamina: if the reader is defeated the first time, they can continue reading until they find the correct route.

In Ring Bearer you must use magic to fight deadly battles as you take on the role of a wanderer who holds a powerful magical relic. A hoard of wraiths and other desperate people desire the sacred ring, especially the Hooded Stranger, who you must avoid at all costs!

In Zombie Storm you are an employee of a burger van in a town teaming with zombies. Your only objective is to survive, but that’s much harder than it looks! Choose to hide out in your van or run through the town, picking up weapons along the way.

In Moon Unit you are the controller of a lunar mining base when an alien battlecraft attacks! Do you submit or fight? An exciting sci-fi epic in just 50 pages, full of intense battles featuring laser cannons and explosions.

The original Pick Your Path micro booklets featured a simple ‘flip a coin’ mechanic to pick which way the story turns – these new books retain that system, but the reader can also just choose an option themself. Additionally, Maurizio Campidelli, an experienced comic book and games illustrator, has created stunning colour covers and interior graphic-novel style art for the three adventures, adding brilliant visual imagery to suck readers right into these interactive adventures.

The Pick Your Path series is available in paperback from Amazon (UK & US). Visit the Ransom Publishing or Dan Metcalf websites for further information.

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