Call of Cthulhu: Alone Against the Frost

Alone Against the Frost from Chaosium Inc. is a solo horror adventure set during a research expedition to Canada’s Northwest Territories during the 1920s. Here, you choose your own path as you navigate through the story – your choices will determine whether you find success or failure!

You take on the role of Dr. Nadelmann, an anthropologist from the renowned Miskatonic University in Arkham, MA. Accompanied by three of your most gifted and practical graduate students, as well as an experienced local guide, you set off into the fabled valley of the North Hanninah in search of the anthropological discovery that will make your career and bring you fame. Or, so you hope. 

Your expedition members are: 

  • Dr. L. C. Nadelmann, an academic obsessed by early North American prehistory, myths and legends, particularly in the Big Woods region.
  • Bernard Ebstein, a cherubic native New Yorker, eager to experience life in the wilds before his upcoming marriage to his sweetheart, Catherine.
  • Sylvia Davidson, the latest in a long line of Boston Brahmins, destined for academic greatness thanks to her dedication and determination.
  • Norman Falkner, a mature, largely self-taught student whose calm nature acts as a steadying influence on those around him.
  • Charlie Foxtail, a cautious Tsuut’ina professional wilderness guide, hired to lead the expedition safely through the North Hanninah. 

But such a journey is fraught with difficulties, from dangerous white water to the superstitious beliefs of the region’s inhabitants – not to mention the wildlife! Will you manage to survive every challenge this hostile environment throws at you? Will your companions? Can you return with your reputation – and your sanity – intact? Only time will tell.

Armed with a pencil, some roleplaying dice, and a copy of the Call of Cthulhu Rulebook or Starter Set, you’re ready to brave the remote wilderness as one of MU’s youngest ever professors! Dare you take on the challenge? If the answer is yes, then don’t forget to wrap up warm! It can get mighty cold out there…

Originally released over 30 years ago as Alone Against the Wendigo by Glenn Rahman, this new edition of Alone Against the Frost has been completely revised and updated for Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition – now featuring over 650 entries, new illustrations and an afterword by the original author.

Alone Against the Frost can currently be purchased in PDF from Chaosium and DriveThruRPG, with a hardcover to be released soon. Also, if you can’t wait for the printed book and wish to purchase the PDF from Chaosium now, you’ll receive a discount coupon just before the physical book goes on sale, offsetting the PDF’s price from the cost of the hardcover.

Additionally, players new to the Call of Cthulhu RPG can download a FREE PDF of the 7th Edition Quick-Start Rules here.

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  1. Really cool to see the Glenn Rahman stuff coming back. I hope this makes its way to physical format via LuLu or Amazon soon.

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