KICKSTARTER: Destiny’s Role 1: Mistress of Sorrows

Mark Lain’s second title in his Destiny’s Role series of gamebooks influenced by Fighting Fantasy, Lone Wolf and Golden Dragon, Mistress of Sorrows, is now seeking funding via Kickstarter. Featuring a cover painted by Alan Langford, and internal illustrations by Mike Tenebrae, Mistress of Sorrows puts YOU in the role of an adventurer who chances upon a conversation in a tavern during a speculative stop-off in the southern trading town of Riverbord.

Word is that a great source of Evil, believed long-destroyed, is once again about to place the region under its malign influence. Worse still, the one-time acolytes of this Evil (known as Penelope Redcap, or the Mistress Of Sorrows) are rumoured to be regrouping to rejoin her at her side. Indeed, the Redcap herself is believed to have already begun her assault on the region in the far northern villages that are many days’ travel from Riverbord.

YOU must travel through the forests, hills, and plains that lie between Riverbord and your destination, collecting intelligence and essentials as you go, and dealing with the ever-increasing levels of influence and local paranoia that are only natural to exist the closer YOU get to your goal. Witchcraft and its consequences (in various forms) abound in the north, yet further south everyday life continues (or tries to continue while it still can) for the local peoples, but remember YOU must never lose focus on your ultimate aim: the Redcap must be vanquished forever or the region is lost and YOU will regret ever disembarking in Riverbord!

The Kickstarter aims to raise funds to pay for artwork, manufacture of rewards, and the printing of an exclusive hardback, which will not be available through retail outlets. Additionally, every copy of this hardback edition will be individually numbered and signed by the author. It is planned that the book will feature 25 internal full-page black & white illustrations by Mike Tenebrae, but this quantity of art is dependent on the campaign reaching its funding target.

The Kickstarter campaign for Mistress of Sorrows concludes on November 1st. Details about the Destiny’s Role introductory Book 0, Zero to Hero, can be found here on GBN.

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