Hero or Villain: Genesis

Hero or Villain: Genesis is a 330,000-word interactive game by Adrao (creator of Highway Wars and Tokyo Wizard), published by Hosted Games. The game is text-based, and while it does feature some artwork, the choices you make entirely control the outcome of your adventure. 

Become the greatest hero or villain that the world has ever known! Balance the challenges of leading a normal life, while attempting to defeat evil… or wreak havoc on the world.

Will you hunt down villains to the last corner of the planet, join a group of fellow heroes (or villains!), defeat New York’s criminal mastermind, or even replace him?

  • Choose from dozens of powers. You can pounce on your enemies with the power of your fists, strike them down with hellfire, take control of their minds, dodge their attacks with your super-speed, or rewind time to learn from your mistakes.
  • Build your own gadgets, improving the quality of your armour or the weapons mounted on it.
  • Make alliances with other heroes, and attempt to find a side-kick to work with you.
  • Play as male, female or non-binary, and romance many of the other characters!
  • Illustrations included to enhance your experience.
  • Many different game paths, with over two-dozen different endings.
  • Several difficulty settings. Play as a mighty invincible hero, or as somebody only slightly more powerful than an average human.

Additionally, Tokyo Wizard, Adrao’s previous Hosted Game, is also on sale, and is available on Steam for the first time. Tokyo Wizard has now been updated to 160,000-words, and includes an expanded Kamakura path!

You can play the first three chapters of Hero or Villain: Genesis for FREE online, or purchase the full game for iOS (via the Hosted Games app), Android and Steam. Visit the Hosted Games website for further information and complete purchasing options. It’s available at 25% off until September 26th.

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