D100 DUNGEON: The Dragon Armour

D100 Dungeon from MK Games is a pen & paper game in which you steer an adventurer through underground caves and dungeons, looking for lost treasures and completing dangerous quests. With each game players gain wealth and recognition, and become stronger and more skillful in their pursuits. It is very much like a solo RPG that uses dice-roll tables to generate dungeons to explore.

In The Dragon Armour Adventure Book players enter the Ruins of Ender, to face off against a Lich Lord and search for a fabled suit of Dragon Armour. It is played like a traditional game of D100 Dungeon, except you are navigated through different paragraphs as you search the Ruins, falling foul to traps and solving puzzles, much like a traditional gamebook. You’re not expected to complete the quest on your first attempt as it will be tough, but if you’re lucky enough or shrewd enough with your decisions, the treasure at the end will be worth all the effort and you’ll be awarded with a grand prize to take with you on further adventures.

Before her people, the Queen was dressed in the armour, and an astonished crowd, who had gathered in their thousands, gasped and applauded as each piece moulded and shaped itself magically to her body. When all five pieces were fitted the armour emitted a spectrum of light as the different coloured Aztopaz crystals lit up and pulsated. The great sorcerer Venith had used all of the arcane elements and bestowed them to each piece. They spread and merged, locking together into a single entity, so that there were no visible joints or seams, and it appeared the Dragon Armour was golden dragon scale clinging perfectly to the Queen.

With the Dragon Armour came hope for the High Elves. Until now the Dark Elves’ Dragon Riders had been winning the battle because they had dragon fire on their side, but an Elven army that could withstand the dragons fire, had the potential to turn the tide of war in their favour.

The Dragon Armour uses all of the D100 Dungeon rules from the main rulebook, which you will also need to play this adventure. Along with the rulebook and The Dragon Armour, you’ll need a pencil, eraser, a few d6 and d10 dice, and your imagination. If you select the right path as you make choices and turn to numbered paragraphs, you’ll succeed confidently; if you choose wrongly, you’ll most probably fail miserably.

Also included in each of the Adventure Books are additional rules for D100 Dungeon that can be implemented into any of your games, whether you’re playing a simple Quest, a Campaign or an Adventure.

The Dragon Armour is available in softcover, hardcover and PDF from DriveThruRPG. Print and Play Version 2.2 rules for D100 Dungeon are downloadable here as a FREE PDF, or you can also purchase the updated Version 3 rules at DriveThruRPG.

Visit the MK Games website for further information about all of the D100 Dungeon products currently available.

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