Paupers’ Ladder: The Curse of Saltash Mine

The Curse of Saltash Mine is a 120-page adventure gamebook by Paul Stapleton from Bedsit Games, set in the same world as its companion board game, Paupers’ Ladder.

Published only in a limited edition print run, the adventure features a simple system of dice roll combat, augmented by the player’s Strength and any weapons they’re carrying. It also uses a crafting system whereby the player collects ingredients to create recipes, and employs an inventory system and a method of levelling up wherein the player can increase their Strength or their Hearts.

You’ve lived in the sleepy seaside village of Baileytown your whole life. Under the watchful eye of your grandad Dagris Screbin, you’ve learned tricks from the local fisherman and heard tales of wonder from the passing merchants. Yet here you’ve stayed, happily watching the tide come and go.

Now is the time to leave your home and see some of these wonders for yourself. Your grandad’s old friend Alf Blomwell has sent word from the far-off swamp town of Hatcheria. Something is amiss. Something that will threaten all Brighthelm. An ancient evil has awoken.

Or has it? Dagris says Alf has been slowly going senile for years, and he was pretty odd to start with. However, he isn’t taking any chances. He’s sending his best adventurer (you) across lands unknown, to find out what has panicked old Alf.

Visit the Bedsit Games website to purchase a copy of The Curse of Saltash Mine from their online shop before they’re all gone. You can also check out their board games Paupers’ Ladder and ZomBN1 while you’re there.

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  1. I read your entry, went straight to the website, pondered one or two moments about purchasing the gamebook – and ended up pre-ordering the boardgame (the gamebook can be purchased separately but it also comes as a gift for pre-ordering the game). I really like the unique artstyle and the game itself sounds very interesting. But my poor purse suffers. I should really limit my visits here… 😉

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