She Sees Red

Independent Russian entertainment studio Rhinotales has released their live-action thriller She Sees Red, a short but high-quality interactive film full of drama and violence, where your choices will affect the plot and reveal the various pieces of the puzzle.

A female detective continues to do her best to catch an elusive criminal who murdered several people in a nightclub, despite its cynical owner hindering the investigation. The murderer continues their strange killing spree, bizarrely leaving abundant and obvious evidence behind…

The storyline of She Sees Red focuses on the importance of decision-making and the corresponding consequences, where the viewer stops simply watching the movie and becomes an active participant in the narrative. Each walkthrough takes approximately 30-40 minutes, with a total video running time of about 90 minutes.

  • Dynamic and non-linear plot: a short but intense story with four possible endings that depend on your choices.
  • Non-conventional storytelling: different choices lead to different parts of the story. It takes at least two walkthroughs to reveal the whole plot.
  • Real motion picture: a live-action movie presented by true professionals.

She Sees Red contains two audio tracks: original Russian and dubbed English, plus subtitles for various languages. It’s rated 18+ as it contains graphic images and violence, and features the use of strong language.

She Sees Red has been released for PC & Mac via Steam, and will soon be made available for Android and other platforms. Visit the Rhinotales website for further information.

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