Lone Wolf AR brings the high-fantasy world of Magnamund and the Kai Lords into your neighbourhood using Augmented Reality (AR) on your mobile phone. Building on the heritage of Joe Dever‘s Lone Wolf gamebooks, his son Ben and VisionizAR are using the latest AR and location technology so you can get up off the sofa and walk in the real world to decide the outcome of each encounter, defeat monsters and gather treasure for your Homestead.

This game builds on other location-based experiences like Pokémon GO and Jurassic World Alive so players can find missions and encounters; stories of high adventure are then added, together with a ‘choose your path’ style of play, to deliver a great fantasy experience where your choices matter and where you feel that you are the hero of your own story.

You play a character based on those in the Lone Wolf books, but placed in the real world. Drawing on Joe Dever’s legacy, Lone Wolf AR will weave together elements from the old stories with new adventures so you truly feel like you are walking in the world of Magnamund. Through your mobile device you will see and interact with Giaks, Druids and other characters. 

This level of immersion is achieved using the technology in existing phones with GPS mapping technology and AR tools already provided in the latest Apple and Android phones (including devices that support Android 7.0 or iPhone 7 or later).

Safety is really important for games like this, so Lone Wolf AR incorporates a system that allows players to geotag safe-locations to explore; the adventure is then built to fill that space, e.g. a local park. You encounter characters and enemies, rendered in 3D on your phone and then placed in the world, allowing you to interact and start your quest.

Core features include:

  • Homestead: a place for you to store your trophies, craft and repair your equipment before heading to an adventure.
  • Quests: find places of interest in the real world to start your adventure, then decide how you want to resolve each choice and encounter. Each encounter helps to reveal stories of the NPCs (non-player characters) you meet in the world; your decisions make a difference!
  • Combat: fight fantastical enemies and monsters in the real world, revealed through your mobile phone. Choose your weapons carefully!
  • Boss Fights: each encounter takes you closer to unlocking a more significant enemy; you may need help from other players to defeat the boss for bigger rewards.
  • Location: a real taste of adventure, talking to characters from the stories, solving puzzles and fighting Giaks as if they are really with you in the real world.
  • Narrative: the game is part of the official canon and we have Lone Wolf experts – August Hahn, Vincent Lazzari and Ben Dever – leading the story direction to ensure we remain true to Joe’s legacy. 
  • Factions: fight to protect your faction and see how your success impacts the wider world of Magnamund and the Kai Lords.

Each quest is made up of a series of encounters, such as:

  • Mission Giver: you are given a quest from a meeting with a character from the stories (this may also be a ‘found item’ such as a wanted poster or broken cart), which starts your narrative adventure.
  • Narrative Choice: You choose how to respond to characters as well as how to resolve encounters.
  • Encounters: puzzles, potential friends or enemies! You can resolve each one in a variety of ways; for instance, take enemies head-on or use your guile. And of course there will be traps and logical puzzles to overcome as well.
  • Boss Fights: once a mission is completed, you unlock a Boss to battle; but you don’t have to take them on alone – any player in the local area can join in to help defeat them.

The Kickstarter campaign for Lone Wolf AR incorporates various pledge levels for backers, including rewards such as: early access to the game; unique in-game events; exclusive “Founder” and “Faction” elements; game soundtrack; PDF of concept art; “History of Lone Wolf” coffee table book; Lone Wolf LARP sword; plus the opportunity to design your own monster for the game, or add your likeness as a character in the game.

Add-ons available include: Limited Edition pewter coin; T-shirt, hoodie and raincoat; Limited Edition hooded Kai cloak; 28mm miniature figures; concept art or a world map; and more…

The Lone Wolf AR funding campaign concludes on September 7th.

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