Vengequest is a narrative fantasy adventure game created by independent Australian developer Besepic Entertainment. A game for fans of RPGs, interactive fiction and tabletop roleplaying who appreciate beautiful art, quirky humour and pseudo-random adventures, Vengequest takes place on the continent of Emberpoint. It’s host to a diverse range of locations from your peaceful hometown of Oldpond, surrounded by serene mountains and lush, green fields, to the rocky, mountainous wasteland of Duskspire, plagued with evils the common folk hope to never encounter.

Make choices over the course of a highly interactive story, played out in text encounters where your skills, equipment and decision-making will determine your fate. Each encounter provides a diverse range of options to choose from, and there are hundreds of items to collect along the way, ranging from common swords to legendary relics, and a variety of skills to focus on as you build your character. There are 18 regions to explore, with each playthrough seeing you take a new path to complete your quest, meeting different people of varying races along the way.

To succeed on your adventures, you’ll need to develop skills that can help unlock pathways to more challenging options. Vengequest currently features ten skills: Adventurer, Agility, Power, Scoundrel, Awareness, Personality, Nature, Knowledge, Magic, Fighting and Dumb Luck.

For example, Awareness will assist you to spot danger or notice hidden secrets, while Scoundrel helps you to pickpocket, bypass locked doors and interact gainfully with the less savoury townsfolk.

Vengequest is seeking funding via Kickstarter so that more content that can be added to the working prototype. Development is currently on track for a December release on Steam and other PC & Mac platforms. Vengequest will be released for early access before the December release date, but Kickstarter backers will be the first to play the game.

Pledge rewards on offer include: a digital copy of the game; early access to an Alpha build; provide a name for an epic or legendary item, or name an entire region; and the opportunity to create your own branching encounter.

The Kickstarter campaign for Vengequest concludes on August 15th.

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