Click 1000

The BBC’s international technology programme, Click, has celebrated its 1000th show with a special ‘pick your own path’ anniversary episode featuring an extended interview with Fighting Fantasy co-creator Ian Livingstone. This interactive special includes stories about self-driving vehicles in Arizona (and examines the first recorded case of a pedestrian fatality), visits tech entrepreneurs in Malawi, reports on the dark power of your data, and explores the legacy of branching narratives and the importance of choice and interactivity within gamebooks.

Viewers choose exactly which segments they wish to watch and, as they do so, the show learns about what they like and don’t like, and will curate the experience around these preferences. To create the show, Click teamed up with the BBC’s research and development wing, who are investigating the application of object based media (OBM), where algorithms seek to understand your viewing habits, and then adjust the displayed content for each individual audience member.

As a ‘hidden’ bonus, those who follow the correct branching pathway will eventually find themselves standing outside a locked doorway within Ian’s house, where they may then be able to take a look at his impressive collection of original Fighting Fantasy art (to open the door, remember to keep the hat at the beginning of the show).

Click 1000 can be viewed online here. Visit the Click website for further information or to view past episodes.

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